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Empowering your Financial future

 My mission is to help individuals & couples
to create their path to financial freedom 

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Finance doesn't have to be complicated

I get it, I really do. I have been in Finance for over 30 years, and there is way too much jargon and complexity. Sometimes it seems too hard to get started

But that's where I come in, to make your financial life a little easier....

Why do you need a Financial Coach?

Q -"I seem to earn pretty well, but I just don't know where the money goes"

A - A financial coach will work through your limiting beliefs around money management, help you set up a budget and act as an accountability partner

Q -"I find pensions really confusing - please help!"

A - A financial coach will work with you to create your ideal retirement, help you to understand what you already have and how to get to where you want to be.

Q -"I am building up credit card debt and I'm worried about my future"

A - A financial coach will help you with the root causes of spending and work with you to find achievable ways to reduce your debt and start to turn your situation around.

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I'm Helen, certified Financial Coach, ACC accredited Solution focussed Coach and Chartered Accountant. I am committed to transforming people's lives through both my solution-focussed coaching and the work I do with financial education, coaching and empowerment. ​


It was when I started on my coaching journey in the Corporate World that I realised the power of combining my experience in coaching and Finance to help people feel in control of money.

I am curious and interested in people, and I love listening and communicating. I‘ll  work with you as a whole person, identify your values and motivators and focus on removing any blockers standing in your way. I’ll be there to support you  in creating an actionable plan to achieve your life and financial goals with empathy and compassion.

"Nobody can change a person, but you can be the reason for that change".




From procrastination to action in 4 sessions!

I have been struggling with key decisions about my finances and life in general for the last 6 years, and putting off taking actions as decisions in my head were just too difficult. I have found that being able to openly talk  about life and finances with Helen has helped me get things in perspective .... 


Helen was excellent at listening to my concerns and issues being a student and then a graduate. 

By doing this she helped me to better understand my mindset with  my Finances and investing strategies which has allowed me to better plan for my future.


Helen's coaching skills are impeccable. Coaching sessions with her are active and well led. Her ability to ask smart questions will lead you on the right path to reach your goals



Feeling overwhelmed by your spending, confused about where to start with investing and pensions?

Together we can design your financial future, overcoming past blocks and empowering you to take control of your money and realise your dreams 

Imagine being free to live the life you want without money worries

What is a Financial Coach?
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