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Financial Coaching

Why do you need a Financial Coach?
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Q -"I seem to earn pretty well, but I just don't know where the money goes"

A - A financial coach will work through your limiting beliefs around money management, help you set up a budget and act as an accountability partner

Q -"I find pensions really confusing - please help!"

A - A financial coach will work with you to create your ideal retirement, help you to understand what you already have and how to get to where you want to be.

Q -"I am building up credit card debt and I'm worried about my future"

A - A financial coach will help you with the root causes of spending and work with you to find achievable ways to reduce your debt and start to turn your situation around.

How can Coaching help you?

Everyone is Different

Everyone's different, and so there is no "one size fits all" coaching programme. To get you on the right path to financial freedom, I'll tailor a bespoke coaching programme to identify your goals and then provide the education and support to get there.


Here's a typical example of my approach...

  • We'll have a 30 minute discovery call free of charge, when we can go through your specific goals and what you'd like to achieve

  • We'll work out the best route that suits you. This could be a couple of sessions to banish your financial demons, some tailored Financial education or workshops, or the full workout, a 4 session full workout coaching series where we will:

4-session full workout

Pile of Coins

Session 1

- Sharing your money story and hopes for the future.

Image by Aidan Hancock

Session 4

Let's get practical! Steps to take you there, and actions to make it happen.

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Session 2

Deep dive into your unique financial position.

Image by micheile henderson

Session 3

Time to dream. Let's create your ideal life and what you need to get there.


Free Discovery Call

I offer a FREE 30 minute discovery call

Hourly Financial or Life Coaching

1 hour is £95

The Full Workout

- 4 sessions

4 hours 30 mins

Workshop or Webinar

Bespoke pricing - please enquire

Get in touch to book a discovery call, or enquire about a workshop

Just fill in our quick form and we will get back to you

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Taking Notes
Financial Advice

Helen Kyle Coaching is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and will never recommend or provide an opinion on the suitability of financial products. Financial coaching does not involve the sale of financial products, but is focused around helping you understand your relationship with money and help you plan for your financial future. If you need specific advice, you should seek the services of a regulated financial adviser or a regulated debt counsellor.

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